• the high ground

    The Road To The High Ground

    Estimated miles: 190
    Estimated riding time: 5 hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Gas and food in Tomah, Warrens, Hatfield, Neillsville, Whitehall and Melrose.
    One stop on this ride is the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center in Warrens. The gift shop features local cranberry products, ice cream, pies, and much more.  Gas and goodies are also available right across the street at the Warrens Mall.  You will then travel past some cranberry marshes along the way to the highlight of this ride. The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville.  This great memorial park is a must stop, and when you will leave, many of the memories will leave with you.  From here you will head to the hills for some more great riding.  

  • the magnificent miles

    The Magnificent Miles

    Estimated miles: 120
    Estimated riding time: 4 hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Gas and Food in West Salem, Mindoro, Fountain City, and Arcadia.
    From the historical Mindoro Cut, riding along the mighty Mississippi, and to Memorial Park in Arcadia this ride has it all!  Hills, valleys, the Mississippi river, and bald eagles!!

  • the tri county cruise

    The Tri County Cruise

    Estimated miles: 130
    Estimated riding time: 4½ hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit stops: Gas and food in Tomah, Mauston, Elroy and Kendall.
    This three county cruise taking you through Monroe, Sauk and Juneau counties has some impressive views with many terrific winding roads. There are a variety of tight corners and some great sweeping corners that you can have fun cruisin’ on.

  • monroe county miles

    Monroe County Miles

    Estimated miles: 90
    Estimated riding time: 3 hours
    Roads: All blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit stops: Gas and food available in Tomah and Norwalk.
    Monroe County Miles winds through the many hills and valleys of Monroe County, its ridge tops and winding roads allow for amazing views of the surrounding countryside. On this route, you might be sharing the road as you pass through Amish country-watch for buggies, and if you have time, stop in at one of their country stores in the area. They have many hand-crafted items and delicious bakery goods for sale.

  • heading to the hills

    Heading To The Hills

    Estimated miles: 195
    Estimated riding time: 6 hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit stops: Gas and food in Tomah, Alma Center, Neillsville, Warrens.
    This trip offers some amazing scenery as you travel through the hillsides. Although this ride includes some of the same highlights as The Road to The High Ground trip, it takes you on many different back roads with different views. Along the way you will pass by The High Ground Veterans Memorial in Neillsville, and cranberry bogs in the Warrens area.

    Tomah to Alma Center is about 85 miles with no gas stops in between, so make sure to check your gas at the Warrens Mall or in Tomah so you don’t run out along the way.  In Alma Center, check out Jan’s restaurant for a good burger and fries.

  • blue goose run

    Yum Yum!... It's The Blue Goose Run!

    Estimated miles: 105
    Estimated riding time: 3 ½ hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Gas and food available in Tomah, Norwalk and Ontario.
    This is a fun ride taking you on roads that wind up and around the area’s ridges. The views along County U outside of Norwalk are notable.

    You will pass in and out of Amish country—make sure to check out Down A Country Road, on Hwy 33. This non-Amish farm is the site of four gift shops and offers personal guided tours to many of the Amish farms in the area. You will learn the history, traditions and customs of the Amish.   You will pass by an Amish cheese factory and then you will come to a great little restaurant call The Blue Goose for some of the best pizza and ice cream around, as your ride continues through some great ridges. 

  • mighty mississippi

    The Mighty Mississippi and So Much More

    Estimated miles: 100
    Estimated riding time: 3 hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Gas and Food at Westby, Cashton, Stoddard and Coon Valley.
    This ride could be called “the ride of all rides” and is one of my personal favorites. You will travel from low ground to the high hills, from dry land to wet lands, through the farms and cheese factories of the Amish countryside. You will cruise along the Great River Road with its awesome views of the Mississippi River and Minnesota bluffs and, if you are lucky like me, a bald eagle may guide your way.

  • bunker hill

    Bike'n To Bunker Hill

    Estimated miles: 110
    Estimated riding time: 3½ hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Gas and Food available in Elroy, Cazenovia and Viola, and also along the way at the Bunker Hill Saloon, The Blue Goose Pizza and Ice Cream restaurant, and the Rockton Bar to name a few.  On this route, you will ride through the area’s many rolling hills and beautiful valleys, up and over Wildcat Mountain and along the Kickapoo River. Along the way, you will be passing through Amish country, so watch for slow moving, horse drawn buggies and the horse apples they leave along the way.

  • devils lake

    Devils Lake and the Baraboo Bluffs

    Estimated miles: 70
    Estimated riding time: 2½ hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Food and Gas in Prairie du Sac.
    This is a ride packed with an endless amount of scenery and exploring opportunities as you will be traveling through one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful parks.

    You will be cruisin’ along a beautiful little back road as you wind your way through Devils Lake State Park and along the Ice Age Trail. Make sure to park your bike and take time to discover this beautiful park, with its views from 500-foot cliffs and miles of hiking trails.  You will also be riding through the Baraboo Bluffs, taking the Merrimac Ferry across the Wisconsin River and walking up to Gibraltar Rock if you want.

  • three river

    The Three River Run

    Estimated mileage: 140
    Estimated riding time: 4 hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Gas and food available in La Farge and De Soto.
    This is a terrific ride that follows portions of three different rivers: The Kickapoo River, the Wisconsin River, and the Mighty Mississippi River.  You will be cruisin' through the driftless area with it's terrific hills and valleys.  Along the Mississippi river, keep an eye out for some of the beautiful bald eagles that make their home there.

  • five hundred feet

    Five Hundred Feet Above

    Estimated miles: 125
    Estimated riding time: 4 hours
    Roads: Blacktop, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Gas & food available in Prairie du Chen, Seneca and McGregor, IA.
     This route follows both the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi River valleys, and crosses the Mississippi into Iowa on the way to Pikes Peak lookout.  If you could strap wings on your back and fly like an eagle, this is what it would look like.  At Pikes Peak, you will be 500 feet above the Mississippi River.  What a view!!

  • rockton

    Cruisin' to Wild Things and the Rockton Bar

    Estimated miles: 125
    Estimated riding time: 4 hours
    Roads: Black top, unless under repair
    Pit Stops: Gas available in Elroy, Tomah, and Ontario.
    Food available at Elroy, Tomah, Ontario, The Blue Goose, and the Rockton Bar
    Some of these roads may be a little familiar to you (from other rides in this guide), but this ride is special on its own as you explore even more of the hundreds of back roads that this area has to offer. On many of these roads chances are you won’t meet much traffic along the way.  You will wind your way through some beautiful hills and valleys as you cruise on these great back roads.  Check out the Rockton Bar for some great food and Wild Things store for some quality motorcycle seat covers and many other items.