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    Design Spiders

    Design spiders set up my website for me, and they have helped me many times as I learn more about how I can do things and make changes on it.  I highly reccommend them to you if you are looking for a new website for your business, or if your current website is in need of some help.  

                                                                                                                                                                                Dave Keene

    Here is a description of them;

    Design Spiders, based in Madison Wisconsin, focuses exclusively on creating well designed professional websites that give your company or small business the unique branding it deserves. Their objective is not only to deliver superior design, but follow through with the programming expertise that sets your business apart from your competitors. They strive for excellence and demand success. Design Spiders has the team that can spin your web delivering superior design, expert function, and unprecedented success.


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    Valkyrie Owners

     I came across this group of Valkyrie owners while I was doing some web surfing.  They are a great bunch of folks who love to ride.  Even though they all love their Valkyrie's, it doesn't matter what brand bike you are riding to them.  If you enjoy getting out cruising on some great roads, and meeting up a few times a year with fellow bikers, check them out.  I was able to hook up with them for a couple of rides this past summer, and really enjoyed getting to know them, and share the road with them. 


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    The Blue Goose

    Now this fantastic little pizza and ice cream place is out in the middle of "who know's where" and once you find it, you will want to come back for more.  They have some of the best pizza you will find anywhere and their selection of ice cream is second to none.  There are a few rides in the book that either go past The Blue Goose or are very close to it.  You won't be dissappointed if you stop.  They are a good bunch of people. 


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    The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park

    What a great veterans memorial park!!  If you have never had the chance to get to The High Ground yet in Neillsville WI., you will get the opportunity to do so with a couple of the rides in the book.  This memorial park is a stop that you won't want to miss.  Whether you have lost a loved one in any of the wars or not, you will get a chance to learn a little about all of the wars, with the wonderful free audio tour that is available for you.  The High Ground does not get any Government money to help them and is run and maintained mainly by volunteers who donate their time and talents to make this such a beautiful memorial park. 

    They have a spring and fall work days and I had the opportunity to take my tractor up in the spring of 2010 and help out during their spring work days.  While I was able to help out by leveling dirt and hauling and leveling gravel most of the day, I was the one who benefited most from the experience, just by seeing and working with all the volunteers who come to help.  Then getting a flyover by the US Air Force jets topped off the day.  Talk about putting chills up your spine when they fly over for you!!    I can't say enough good things about this wonderful memorial park and I encourage you to stop in and see it for yourself and if you have time, volunteer sometime and help them out.  I know lord willing, I will be there in the spring with my tractor again, doing whatever I can do to help out.  Come on over and say hi!

    Check out their website at,


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    Wild Things Trading Post

    For all your motorcycle seat covers and other unique items, check out Wild Things Trading Post.  They will make your cover for you while you wait.  Now that's service!


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    An Inspirational Story-Card...written by Gale Sutherland

    These 8-12 page short story inspirational books, were written by my mother-in-law Gale Sutherland of  Warrens, Wisconsin.  I am just trying to help her promote them a little on my website, because she and the computer haven't quite become friends yet.  What are son-in-laws for?  To help if they can. 

    A "Story Card" is a personal greeting card with a story inside.  They are espescially written for young people and are a "let's talk about it lesson", which works well when Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa read it to them. They make great little gifts, and can be mailed for birthdays, Christmas, or any special day, and they come with a mailing envelope which can be mailed with a regular stamp.

      Here is a short Biography of Gale Sutherland...Gale along with her husband Lloyd, have lived on a small farm near Warrens, Wisconsin since 1965.  Their lives center around their family, singing with a Gospel Quartet (The Gospel Word Singers), and still doing some farming.  She has also been very active in the Warrens Cranberry Festival for many years. Gale is now enjoying her retirement, staying busier than ever on their farm and spending some time taking motorcycle rides with Lloyd . 

     The Illustrations in the book are done by American Artist  Susan Renae'  Sampson. 

    Click here to purchase her books.

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    AMERICAN MADE LEATHERS...to Last a Lifetime

     The easiest thing for me to tell you about Fox Creek Leather is quality and service...period!!    Motorcycling for 35 years has brought me in contact with my share of leathers along the way.  If you ask my wife she will tell you I am kind of a shopaholic.  Don't tell her, but I might have to agree.  I will admit that when I purchase something, I do my research to try and find the best quality item I can find at a price I can still afford.  When I went looking for a new leather jacket and vest a few years back,  I had decided I was going to do alot of checking around and get reviews from motorcycle riders who have shared their experience with their leather gear.  After checking out some of the big companies, I stumbled across Fox Creek Leather and checked out their website.  First of all, what I liked best was that their leather gear was made in the good ol USA.   Second, I liked that they were a small company who seemed to cater to us motorcycle lovers.  I checked into their products and read the reviews that people had shared and decided to order my jacket and vest from them.

     When you call Fox Creek and talk to any of them, you will get the best service you could ever hope for.  They will help you choose the right size and make suggestions if they think something will work for you.  After placing my order for my jacket and vest, it arrived at my door in 4 days!   Just lifting the weight of the box excited me.  Opening the box and pulling my leathers out took away any concerns of mine  whether I would be happy with them or not.  The weight of the jacket is awesome and both the vest and jacket are first quality products.   I now have been wearing them for 6 or 7 years and have added another vest, vest extenders, gloves, lever fringes, belt, wallet, and another jacket and vest for a friend. 

     Yup, you might say I like Fox Creek Leather gear and maybe, just maybe I am a little bit of a shopaholic .  Check them out!!  You won't be disappointed!!